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HHDD #14 Chocolate gnocchi

A few days ago I came across the announcement of HHDD #14 [1] on Cafe Lynnylu, via Is My Blog Burning [2]. Since TGRWT [3] I’m a big fan of foodblog events. So why not join this event too?

Hay, Hay, It’s Donna Day is launched by Barbara from Winosandfoodies [4]. This event, as the name suggests, is all about recipes from Donna Hay [5]. During every round one specific dish from Donna is chosen for inspiration. This round it was Gnocchi. Yesterday [6] I made some fresh gnocchi from potatoes so I was up for a challenge.

I was in a experimental mood so I wanted to try and make a dessert. My first thought was chocolate and some kind of fruit. It finally became a gnocchi filled with raspberry dipped in a chocolate with a raspberry sauce. I was inspired by Foodandwine.com [7].

The outcome was great, I really like the combination of sweetness with the structure of the gnocchi. Maybe next time I’m gonna add some extra flavours!

Ingrediënts (serves 1)
75 grams raspberries
2 big pieces gnocchi di patate
50 grams chocolate
potato flour
lemon juice

Fill the center of a piece of gnocchi with some raspberries and close it. Turn the gnocchi into a ball and roll it through flour. Repeat this with the other pieces of gnocchi. Boil the gnocchi in a large pan of water. They are ready when the reach the surface. Transfer them carefully with a spoon to a plate and dry them with some paper towels. Melt the chocolate au bain marie above a pan of boiling water. Add the gnocchi to the melted chocolate and roll so they will be totally covered with chocolate. Transfer them on a plate again. Put this plate in a fridge for at least an hour. The chocolate layer will be nice and crispy.

You can serve the chocolate gnocchi with some warm raspberry sauce. Cook some raspberries in pan with a little bit of water and some lemon juice and bring it to the boil. After a few minutes add a tsp of potato flour to thicken the sauce.