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SHF #34 Kletskop

Foodblogevents are really inspiring, so I’m entering yet another one. This time I came across Sugar High Friday #34 [1], via Is My Blog Burning? [2]. For this event I made a typical Dutch cookie called kletskop [3] and served it with some ice cream as a dessert.

During this round of Sugar High Friday [4] the objective was to prepare a local dessert. First thing that came to mind was a cookie called kletskop. In my youth we always had this cookie laying around, since it is my dads favorite. It’s one of the easiest cookies to make and quite suitable for desserts!

Of course I’ve done some research to find some nice facts about the kletskop. According to Wikipedia the name originated from the way the cookie is made. When the dough is placed on a bakingplate you have to klets (slap) on it’s kop (head) with a wet spoon.

But the same Wikipedia [3] also says the name might refer to a skin desease called favus. If you have this skin desease your head looks the same as the cookie. But they are not sure if the desease is named after the cookie or the other way around. Let’s stick to the first explanation, I like that one.

Ingredients (25 cookies)
50 grams butter
100 grams brown sugar (white color)
50 grams wheat flour
1 tsp cinnamon
50 grams white almonds

Melt the butter in a pan. Take it of the heat. Add the sugar and flour and mix it well together. Finally add the cinnamon, almonds and one tbsp of cold water. After a few minutes of mixing you will have a nice dough. Split this dough in 25 small pieces and put those on baking plate with aluminium foil. Every piece needs some space so don’t put them so close to each other. After that slap every piece on the head with a wet spoon. Put the baking plate in a preheated oven of 225 degrees celcius for about 7 minutes. After that turn down the oven and let the cookies stay in the oven for about 10 minutes. When the kletskoppen are cold you can serve them with some ice cream.

(Source recipe: Wikipedia [3])