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TGRWT #5 03 Aug
tagChocolade, Foodblogevent, TGRWT, Vlees


Today I posted the round-up of the 4th edition of TGRWT, but of course that also means a new round has been started. This time it’s hosted by Amrita from Le Petite Boulanger.


The combination of this round is chocolate & meat!

TGRWT history:
TGRWT #1 hosted by Martin coffee, chocolate & garlic (round-up)
TGRWT #2 hosted by Tara banana & parsley (round-up)
TGRWT #3 hosted by Evelin strawberry & coriander (round-up)
TGRWT #4 hosted by Dennis mustard & mint (round-up)
TGRWT #5 hosted by Amrita chocolate & meat

3 Responses to “TGRWT #5”
  1. i realize i am so out of the set timeframe 🙂 – but just in case …

  2. hey there…..

    im having some probs!!!!! how come TGRWT 5 is not posted up on IMBB’S website?? :(:(

  3. Hi Amrita. I had the same problems with submitting TGRWT #4 to IMBB too. I have send you a e-mail with a suggestion.

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