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WCC #25 Lemon risotto

A while ago I came across a post about a foodblogevent called Weekend Cookbook Challenge, it was published on Foodie Chickie [1]. This round of WCC is all about recipes from the famous Nigella Lawson. I also gave it a try, I made a lemon risotto, inspired of course by Nigella Lawson [2].

Instead of exactly following the recipe of Nigella Lawson I used less ingredients. I didn’t use the double cream and rosemary leaves. I also used a local cheese called Gouda.

Ingredients (serves 2)

200 grams risotto rice
1 lemon
1 liter vegetable stock
2 celery sticks
1 egg
1 onion
100 grams Gouda cheese
olive oil


Chop the celery and onion. Put it with some olive oil in a cooking pot and heat it for a few minutes. After that add the risotto rice and toast it until evenly coated. Add the vegetable stock one ladle at a time. When you add one ladle at a time this will benefit the flavor because of the Maillard reaction [3].

In the meanwhile mix a egg yolk, some grated Gouda cheese with the juice and zest of half a lemon. You can add this to the risotto rice just before serving.

Source recipe: Nigella Lawson [2]