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TGRWT #18 Bleu rice pudding 15 Aug
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TGRWT #18 Bleu rice pudding

More inspiration, more blogposts lately. One of the reasons are the foodblogevents. They are also a source for inspiration. They give me energy to try different things. This time I entered TGRWT again hosted by Adain Brooks.

The challenge this edition was to pair blue cheese & plum. On top of that he wanted another challenge, to try to create a dessert preferably with two other flavors incorporated. If you want to know more about the challenge I can recommend going to Adains site or read one of my previous blog posts on TGRWT.

First thing that came to mind was a rice pudding, inspired by Wikipedia. I had a lot of spare rice due to the fact whe bought to much for the paella last wednesday. I flavored the pudding with Bleu D’Auvergne cheese and lemon zest and served it with a plum & apricot coulis with some thyme.

I’m pretty happy with the end result. I like to try this with different cheeses and fruits in the future.

TGRWT #18 Bleu rice pudding

Ingredients (serves 4)

150 grams risotto rice
150 grams Bleu D’Auvergne AOC 50+
1 liter milk
1 lemon
250 grams plums
250 grams apricots
100 ml white wine (in my case an Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc 2008)
50 grams sugar


Boil the milk in a pan together with zest of one lemon. Add the rice lower the heat and slowly cook until the rice is soft and you get a thick texture. For me this was after one hour. During that period I stirred the mixture every 15 minutes. Add the end I added the pieces of cheese.

I also made some coulis. Remove the pits from the plums & apricots. Add it to a blender and turn it into a purée. Put the purée into a frying pan together with the wine, sugar & fresh thyme leaves. Heat it for about 10 minutes. After that strain the mixture through a fine sieve.

Recipe source: Wikipedia

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