TGRWT #20 Fall of the chicken

Finally, I got an entry for TGRWT again. Round #20 is hosted by @docsconz, annoucement post can be found overhere. The pairing is pumpkin & cooked chicken. I made a sandwich, inspired by Edibele Ventures.

The ingredients that need to be paired were pumpkin and cooked chicken. First thought was to make a soup. Easy and quick. Later on I actually made the soup from leftover pumpkin, I will post this recipe later on. The second idea was to create a pumpkinbread, a savory one. And create and nice autumn sandwich with the chicken.

It was a whole proces to actually create this sandwich. First I had to cook the chicken. I boiled it in beef stock, a cooking method I don’t ordinarely use. After that I created the pumpkin bread. This took me more than a day because the rising of it and the lack of time before baking it. This however did improve the result, the rises were great. Together with some nice cheese, carrot and lettuce the sandwich turned out to be great. Picture of the sandwich can be found overhere.

Savory pumpkinbread

Ingredients (serves 4)

half a pumpkin
500 grams wheat flour
sunflower seeds
25 grams butter
7 grams of active dried yeast
200 grams chickenfilet
beef stock
1 carrot
150 grams port salut


For the pumpkin bread remove the skin from halve a pumpkin and chop it into pieces. Grate pumpkin pieces, I used a food processor. Mix the wheat flour together with about 200 ml of water, butter and yeast in a bowl. Add the grated pumpkin and other ingredients to your likings, in my case some sunflower seeds.

Knead the bread till you get a dough with some nice texture. I always check it by putting a small hole in the dough with my thumb. If it is elastic enough the hole will dissapear. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it away at a warm place. Let it rise for a couple of hours. In my case this was more than a couple, actually a whole night.

After the first rise you can knead it a bit and put it in a loaf pan. Cover it with plastic wrap again for a second rise. Again this was in my case quite a while, certainly a whole night again. After that I baked the bread in an oven of 200 degrees celcius for about 35 minutes.

For the spread I only had to boil the chicken in stock. I used chickenfilet and bioled it in beef stock for about 30 minutes. I had three slices of pumpkin bread for the sandwich. One was covered with cooked chicken and grated carrot. The second one was covered with a cheese called Port Salut and lettuce. And of course the third slice was for the top of the sandwich.

Recipe source: Edibele Ventures


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