Crunchy inspiration

Always got new inspiration for food. A lot of things can be the trigger. This time it was a new kitchen gadget, a mandoline. A perfect tool for a new DIY project, making potato chips. Inspired by a recipe from The Merlin Menu.

First of all I was really happy with my new purchase. I discovered a great store in the neighbourhood called Potten & Pannen. I decided to buy a Benriner Japanese Mandoline via their webshop. Great service, got hold of it in 2 days. But I also recommend visiting their shop. Lot’s of nice stuff for foodies. And you can easily contact them via twitter.  

Potato slices drying

So I had a nice new gadget. First I tried to make some julienne style carrots, which was very easy with this mandoline. But after that I remembered that I always had in mind to make my own potato chips. I figured out that this couldn’t be that difficult. This was supported by the blog post of Ron Merlin he also stated that you have to try this yourself! So I did…

And it was a great success. The homemade potato chips taste awesome. And really easy to make. Can’t wait to experiment with other flavours and ingredients. I also inspired some other people to make them. Ivo, one of my colleagues, also made them and was very enthusiastic about the result. You can read about it overhere.

Potato chips

Ingredients (serves 1)

2 potatoes
peanut oil


Clean your potatoes, but don’t remove the skin. Cut your potatoes in tin slices. I had a thickness of about 1 millimetre. After that put the slices in cold water for about an hour.

Remove the slices from the cold water and let them dry on paper towels. You will see they already got a nice shape.

The final part is frying them. I used peanut oil. Put this in a pan and heat it up until a nice temperature. I didn’t use a thermometer, but I checked with a piece of bread. When you put this bread in and it begins to fry you are good to go.

I fried the potato chips until golden brown, that’s the way I like my chips. At the end added some salt.

Recipe source: The Merlin Menu



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  1. MiraUncut Avatar

    i love that you left the skin on! yumyum

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