TGRWT #4 Mustardsoup with mint

A quick reminder, still two days left before the deadline of TGRWT #4! So you can still sent in your entries. Today I will show my entry, a mustardsoup with mint, inspired by a recipe from

Mosterdsoep munt

I’m a big fan of mustardsoup. It has a nice rich spicey taste. Adding some chopped mint creates great contrast. The freshness of the mint is big plus for the soup!

Ingrediënts (2 persons)
1 onion
75 grams bacon
100 grams butter
100 grams wheat flour
1 liter beef flavor broth
white wine
2 tsp mustard

First of all chop up the onion and bacon. Heat the butter in a pan and cook the onion and bacon. Don’t overcook it by letting it turn brown. After a few minutes you can add flour to create a light roux. Add the hot broth in small quantities to the roux while stirring, to ensure proper mixing. Let it boil a bit and then add some white wine and mustard. Softly boil it for about ten minutes. When served add chopped mint on the soup.

(Source recipe:


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