TGRWT #4 Round-up

After one month it is time for the round-up of the fourth edition of the foodblogging event They Go Really Well Together. I received some nice dishes with the combination mustard and mint!

The combination of this round of TGRWT has proven to be a serious challenge. Although mustard is one of my favourite ingredients I found it hard to put it in a dish together with mint. After reading the different blogs I can conclude wasn’t the only one. But still I received a bunch of great dishes. Below you can see the different entries and verdicts from this round.

TGRWT#4 round-up
Entry #1 to #8 (from left to right)

#1 Mustard-Mint Rotini (recipe) by Johnson

I thought the mustard would overpower the mint at first. but it seemed as if the mint and pepper had neutralized a lot of the acidity. i was surprise by how good it really was and will make it again.

#2 Cold cuts with mustard-mint-sauce (recipe) by Robert

I have prepared one half of the sauce with chopped mint leaves, the other half (as usual) with chopped dill and tested then both sauces together with the meat. Both sauces were excellent, light and very well suited to be served with cold cuts of meat (veal, roastbeef).

#3 Mint & Mustard Pasta Salad (recipe) by Mehgan

I do know that I will definitely be making this one again. It was so simple and quick, and I didn’t have to worry about it like I would have had I made a salad with dairy ingredients in it like potato salad has. All in all, it was a hit!

#4 Peppermint flavoured cauliflower gratin with cheese and mustard (recipe) by Evelin

I do feel I used the right amount of peppermint – it calmly reminded itself in the dish, without shouting I’m here! Mustards are of course different, I used Finnish mild mustard and the amount seemed okay. I even got a good comment from my mother – something like ‘quite good’ which means more than the usual Estonian ‘normal’ and should – I guess – be taken as a compliment.

#5 Trout with peppermint and mustard sauce (recipe) by Martin

The sauce has a fresh, light tartness. Peppermint and mustard compliment each other very well. All in all a very delicate sauce. I wish I had made some more!

#6 Mint Gazpacho With Musterd Ice Cream (recipe) by M.

The idea was to make an ice cream which gives a cold and ‘burning’ sensation [painful cold perception is associated with feelings of burning] at the same time in a cold soup that can cool a ‘burning’ tongue because of it’s oily- & mintyness.

#7 Mustard seed and mint rice (recipe) by Swaha

The resulting dish came out very minty but the mustard and jalapenos lend it a spicy kick. When you taste it at first, you notice the refreshing mint. But then as you let the taste permeate in your mouth comes the heat from the mustard and jalapenos.

#8 Mustardsoup with mint (recipe) by yours truly

I’m a big fan of mustardsoup. It has a nice rich spicey taste. Adding some chopped mint creates great contrast. The freshness of the mint is big plus for the soup!

Update: added two late entries

#9 Sarina’s Savoury Peanut Chicken (recipe) by Sarina

The final result was a crunchy and surprisingly savoury delight. Contrary to my expectations the peanut flavour was quite muted as was the mint and mustard, in fact none of the flavours particularly stood out. Instead they formed a harmonious backdrop, enhancing the chicken without overpowering it.

#10 Mustard and Mint Sauce (recipe) by Andreea

His sauce is very simple and although I was weary at how it would taste (the recipe does sound like a mustard/mint mayonnaise) it was delicious! Very refreshing, very light and a great sauce to go with beef. I kept the quantities as suggested in the recipe, as the sauce keeps till the next day.

I hope everybody enjoyed this round as much as I did. I was honoured to host it and I’m looking forward to the next round.

Note: Johnson hasn’t got a blog, so I will post his recipe overhere.

Recipe: Mustard-Mint Rotini

6 mint leaves
20 ml of prepared mustard
15 ml of olive oil
approx. 2 handfuls of rotini
30g of lightly salted chicken
Dash of pepper.

shred 3 mint leaves and mix with mustard and olive oil. then stir into the rotini pasta with pepper.
take 2 mint leaves and rip apart in hands then stir into pasta. top with chicken and remaining mint.



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7 responses to “TGRWT #4 Round-up”

  1. M. Avatar

    leuke presentatie!

  2. Martin Lersch Avatar

    Great round-up! I must say this was a fascinating combination. Seems most of the participants were surprised by how well mint and mustard went together – perhaps because many assumed it wouldn’t work? I can only speak for myself, and I guess the reason is that I don’t use mustard that much, so I’m not so familiar with how the taste works out. But I will certainly take a note of these recipes and hopefully try them out one day.

    BTW – TGRWT #5 was announced today at

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  4. Dennis Avatar

    @ M., Thanks for the compliment

    @ Martin, I saw the TGRWT #5 announcement. Again a nice challenge! 😀

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  6. andreea Avatar

    dank u. great round up

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