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TGRWT #11 Banana chutney 01 Nov
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TGRWT #11 Banana chutney

Considering the fact that I only noticed the newest round of TGRWT just a few days ago I had to come up with a dish quickly. During this round the combination was banana & cloves. I made a banana chutney with yoghurt & chicken inspired by a recipe from Lee Cox from masterchef & Allerhande.

When I came across the recipe of Lee Cox I new I wanted to make a chutney. In his recipe he used allspice and I replaced it by the cloves. I also used red onions because they are a bit sweeter. I liked the sweetness of the banana & red onion together with the distinct flavor of the clove. Although I used a tablespoon, which in my opinion is a lot, it worked for me as a combination. Together with the yoghurt it was a great starter. I can imagine with some rice you can also turn this into a main course.

Banana chutney

Ingredients (serves 2)

3 bananas
1 red onion
1 tbsp clovespowder
25 ml white wine vinegar
greek yoghurt
200 gram chickenfilet


Fry the diced onion in a pan with some olive oil. After a few minutes add the slices of banana and fry it all until the banana is collapsed. Now it’s time to add some extra flavor. I also used the vinegar and of course the cloves. I used whole cloves and grounded it into powder with my mortar.

After that I fried some chicken and served it together with the chutney and some greek yoghurt.

Recipesource: Lee Cox & Allerhande.

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