Category: Clove

  • Does appearance really matter?

    Food is all about senses. Taste and smell are pretty important senses for me. But sometimes I wonder if sight is also important when it comes to food? Sight was also the main reason why I made Chinese tea eggs last week, inspired by Wikipedia

  • Going on the local tour

    Kind of lost the NY spirit. You get that with this kind of weather in combination with the fact I was ill the past week. But a man has got to eat, I went for a typical Dutch stew called Hachée, inspired by Wikipedia.

  • TGRWT #11 Banana chutney

    Considering the fact that I only noticed the newest round of TGRWT just a few days ago I had to come up with a dish quickly. During this round the combination was banana & cloves. I made a banana chutney with yoghurt & chicken inspired by a recipe from Lee Cox from masterchef & Allerhande.

  • TGRWT #11

    TGRWT is back, I was waiting for this one for a while. This time it is hosted by the creator of the TGRWT, Martin from The flavors that need to be paired are banana and cloves. Don’t forget to check the great round-up of TGRWT #10 at EatFoo(d).

  • Spekkoek

    Spekkoek is erg lekker, maar het neemt ook veel tijd in beslag om te maken. Daar kwam ik gisteren achter na mijn eerste poging om spekkoek te maken. Via Fok! forum kwam ik op een recept van terecht.