Larb kai

Because the tom kha kai soup of last week tasted that good I was eager to try another Thai dish. This time it was larb kai, inspired by a recipe from HubPages.

It was one of the other Thai dishes I found on Wikipedia. It looked like something which was pretty easy to make. One of the problems was that I didn’t have rice powder. I decided to make some of my own. Simply by putting risotto rice in a dry frying pan. When the rice was brown I put it in a food processor. The result was a great rice powder.

Larb kai by the way is also great. Besides the powder it only took my about 10 minutes tops to prepare it, real easy. I also like the spicy and sour combination. Again a great dish, I’m beginning to like this Thai cuisine!

Larb kai

Ingredients (serves 2)

450 grams chicken breast
2 tbsp toasted grounded rice
3 shallots
1 red chili pepper
fresh mint
1 lime
3 tbsp fish sauce


Put the chicken in a food processor and grind it into small pieces. Fry this chicken with some olive oil in a pan. In the meanwhile you chop the shallots and chili pepper.

Add the shallots, chili & rice powder and a few tablespoons of water to the chicken. When the chicken is cooked you can use the mint, lime and fish sauce to give this the taste that you want.

Recipe source: HubPages



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