Category: Hoofdgerecht

  • Wales meets France

    Had to make some food for a couple of days at the beginning of this week. A quiche is always a good dish for these kind of days. Made a leek quiche, inspired by my last Kookjegek quiche recipe.

  • Going on the local tour

    Kind of lost the NY spirit. You get that with this kind of weather in combination with the fact I was ill the past week. But a man has got to eat, I went for a typical Dutch stew called Hachée, inspired by Wikipedia.

  • New York style quiche

    Last few weeks I was in New York. I have been to a lot of nice food places, one of them was a tapas restaurant called Boqueria. Inspired by their Coles de Bruselas y Chorizo dish I made a quiche, also inspired by a previous Kookjegek recipe.

  • Larb kai

    Because the tom kha kai soup of last week tasted that good I was eager to try another Thai dish. This time it was larb kai, inspired by a recipe from HubPages.

  • Valencian paella

    Last night I had a planned monthly diner with some friends. The bad weather didn’t hold us back to prepare some summer style food so we decided to make a paella. A paella inspired by the Valencian one on Wikipedia.

  • HHDD #27 Cauliflower & feta revisited

    Time to enter some foodblogevents again, I always find them very inspiring. First up, Hay Hay its Donna Day #27, hosted by Priya from Akshayapaatram & facilitated by Chez Us. This time the theme was summer salads and I picked a cauliflower & feta salad recipe from Donna Hay as inspiration.

  • GYO #9 Endive & chicken quiche

    Yesterday I came across the foodblogevent Grow Your Own on Andrea’s Recipes. Grow Your Own is about creating dishes out of homegrown products. I created a endive & chicken quiche and I also added some homegrown chives to it. Inspired by a recipe from C1000.

  • WCC #25 Lemon risotto

    A while ago I came across a post about a foodblogevent called Weekend Cookbook Challenge, it was published on Foodie Chickie. This round of WCC is all about recipes from the famous Nigella Lawson. I also gave it a try, I made a lemon risotto, inspired of course by Nigella Lawson.

  • Walnoot-kip

    Gisteren is het Chinese nieuwjaar ingeluid, het jaar van de Rat. Ik kon het niet laten om eens Chinees te koken. Het werd een simpel recept van walnoot & kip, naar recept van het boek Aziatisch koken.

  • Aubergine-kikkererwtencurry

    Na mijn probeersel vorige week met de hummus zonder tahin was ik nog steeds in de ban van de kikkererwten. Deze keer heb ik er een Indiase curry van gemaakt, naar recept van het boek Aziatisch koken.