Valencian paella

Last night I had a planned monthly diner with some friends. The bad weather didn’t hold us back to prepare some summer style food so we decided to make a paella. A paella inspired by the Valencian one on Wikipedia.

The original dish contains rabbit & snails, but unfortunately my friends aren’t big fans of these ingredients. So we decided to give this classic dish a twist. We used chicken, shrimp & tilapia.

Together with a refreshing beer this was a good meal. Only next time I really want to stick more to the original recipe and try snails. And of course get my hands on an original paella pan!

Valencian paella

Ingredients (serves 6)

500 grams risotto rice
500 grams sieved tomatoes
200 grams shrimp
200 grams tilapiafilet
500 grams chickenfilet
250 grams peas
250 grams white beans
1 liter chicken stock
2 lemons


Cut the chicken into peaces and heat them in a frying pan with some olive oil until golden brown. Add the sieved tomatoes, peas, beans, rice, saffron & chicken stock. Let the stock reduce. After a while the rice should suck up most of it. In our case it was after a minute or 10. At that point we added the shrimp & tilapia. Turn down the heat and keep the pan on the heat until the fish is cooked. We served the paella in the pan together with some parts of lemon.

Recipe source: Wikipedia


2 responses to “Valencian paella”

  1. Barzelay Avatar

    I love paella! It is one of my favorite dishes to cook and to eat. I have never made it with rabbit or snails. Rabbit sounds like it would be delicious. I must try it soon!

  2. Dennis Avatar

    Yeah, I saw the paella profile picture on your blog 😀

    For me this recipe is at a good excuse to go and try snails in the near future.

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