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New York style quiche 15 Oct
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New York style quiche

Last few weeks I was in New York. I have been to a lot of nice food places, one of them was a tapas restaurant called Boqueria. Inspired by their Coles de Bruselas y Chorizo dish I made a quiche, also inspired by a previous Kookjegek recipe.

It was a nice restaurant on Spring street New York. But I dedicate more attention on that in a central New York post, which will be posted later on. Like I said, I tried one of their dishes called Coles de Bruselas y Chorizo. It was a simple dish which combined chorizo & brussel sprouts. I like the flavor and decided to give it a spin. Why not combine it with some nice cheese in a quiche?

It turned out very good. Even better than expected. The cheese adds a nice touch to the chorizo and I always like Brussel sprouts if prepared well. Definitely a dish to repeat.

Brussel sprout & chorizo quiche

Ingredients (serves 4)

500 grams Brussel sprouts
150 grams Chorizo
6 sheets of puff pastry
3 eggs
250 ml whipping cream
200 grams old gouda cheese
100 grams gouda cheese


Grease a ovenproof dish with some butter. Cover the dish with the sheets of puff pastry. Clean the sprouts by removing the hard stem ends and rinse in water. After that you can blanch them in boiling water. In the meanwhile you can grate the cheese and cut the chorizo in pieces. Create a mixture of the egg, whipping cream and the grated cheese.

Spread the sprouts & chorizo around the pastry shell. Pour the egg mixture over the ingredients in the pastry shell. Bake the quiche for about 30 minutes in a oven of 200 degrees or until golden brown.

Recipe sources: Boqueria & Kookjegek

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  1. NOU blancheren was wel een goed idee geweest ja! En bloem of maizena op de bodem als je tomaten toevoegt, I told you so :P:P

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