Vegi what?!

I got my food mojo back. There, I have said it! It feels liberating. It’s about time for some new ideas and experiments. I started off with some vegi craziness, Gobi Manchurian inspired by Sunshine and Smile.

Gobi Manchurian

There are the dishes that make my foodie heart beat faster, this is one of them. When you sent the picture above to a random person chances are that they expect this dish to contain meat. But in fact all this is deep fried cauliflower in a very tasty sauce.

The dish itself is very easy to create. You just need to create sauce and the batter to coat the florets, a peace of cake…

When you create this as a snack for a party you will be the star of the evening. Another tip is to vary with the flavours of the sauce and the batter. I really like my chillies, but I can imagine some people like a bit more of sweetness.

Last but not least. If you are not a big cauliflower fan, you should try this!


1 cauliflower
200 grams of all purpose flour
100 grams corn flour
2 green chili peppers
2 spring onions
small piece of ginger
3 cloves of garlic
chili powder
Sambal daboe daboe
Ketjap Manis
tomato paste
Seasoning like sugar, salt and pepper


First start with cutting the cauliflower into florets. I tried to create evenly small florets, snack size. Bring a pot of water to the boil and add your florets. Just blanch them until you are happy with their structure, this depends on the size of your florets. In my case this was after a minute or 3. After blanching put them in ice water.

During the cooling of the florets you can make the tasty batter. I kept the mixture of all purpose and corn flour from Sunshine and Smile, I liked it. Just add the flour into a bowl with some flavour like garlic, grated ginger, chili powder, salt and pepper. And don’t forget the water, this will be the main ingredient for the thickness of your batter. I don’t remember how much it was, but add little by little and you will get to a good thickness. When you finished the batter you can add the florets to the bowl and put it in the refridgerator until you are going to deep fry them.

Now it you will start the part of the recipe which will give you the biggest smile, the creation of the Manchurian sauce. Cut the some ginger, spring onions, green chili peppers and garlic cloves into little pieces and put in pan with oil. Or to make your live easier, put the 4 ingredients together in a food processor. After a couple of minutes you can add the rest of the flavours like Sambal, Ketjap and tomate paste. To make it into a great thick sauce at some leftover corn flour or corn starch together with a bit of water and keep it over the heat four a couple of minutes. Again keep tasting and seasoning. Also add water if you don’t like the consistency of your sauce!

The serving part is simple. Just deep fry the florets until they are golden brown in some sunflower oil. Don’t deep fry them all at once but in batches. After that you can serve them on a plate covered with the nice rich Manchurian sauce and some leftover spring onions.

Recipe source: Sunshine and Smile


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  1. Marloes Avatar

    Is dit het recept waar Dennis maar niet over uitgepraat raakt?

  2. Dennis Avatar

    Ja, dat klopt! Wil het best een keer voor jullie maken 🙂

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