Crazy about food & drinks

  • For the win! 2010

    I must admit, I’m not the biggest football fan as I used to be in my childhood. But the World cup is special event. So in honor of our Dutch national football team I created an orange nectarine-carrot gelato, inspired by Robert Gelato, Amy Johnson & David Lebovitz.

  • Between sweet memories

    Long time no posting. It was a busy time the last couple of months with moving, work and other things. But in busy times you also need to eat. Quite often that means I’m preparing a quick meal or a snack. A pita with mango & turkey was inspired by recipes from Allerhande &

  • Hyperactive presentation

    In the beginning of the year I borrowed a cookbook from a friend. It is a cookbook from a famous dutch chef named Pierre Wind. In honor of his work I created a salmon salad. The salad was inspired by recipes from Sprouted Kitchen & De wondere wereld van de Keukenkoning.

  • New style lunchentach

    With the beginning of the new year I had some resolutions. One of them was to bring more variation in my lunch. I wanted to eat less bread and more other stuff. So that’s why on one of my first work days I created a roasted bell pepper salad. Inspired by a recipe from Allerhande.

  • I loaf Christmas

    Just like making Snert, I have another tradition at the end of every year. I tend to make a bread loaf with fruit, it’s called a Kerststol. Recipe was inspired by Het Nieuwe Kookboek.

  • Alpe d’HuZes snert

    Every year I make split pea soup or what we call in the Netherlands ‘snert’. It’s always nice to share food with people so I decided to make 10 liter for my colleagues. But it also was for a reason. A good cause, Alpe d’HuZes. Recipe was inspired by Wikipedia.

  • Smokey pear jam

    Time for a new segment, a DIY friday. There are always products who can easily be purchased. But it is a lot more fun to make them yourselves. This week I made some jam, inspired by a basic jam recipe fom Suikerinfo.

  • Blue inspiration

    Lately I’ve been getting some inspiration from my colleagues at work. Discussing food and sharing thoughts. One of them gave me copy of a menu from a famous Dutch restaurant Ron Blaauw. It inspired me to make a baba au whiskey.

  • Wales meets France

    Had to make some food for a couple of days at the beginning of this week. A quiche is always a good dish for these kind of days. Made a leek quiche, inspired by my last Kookjegek quiche recipe.

  • TGRWT #20 Fall of the chicken

    Finally, I got an entry for TGRWT again. Round #20 is hosted by @docsconz, annoucement post can be found overhere. The pairing is pumpkin & cooked chicken. I made a sandwich, inspired by Edibele Ventures.

Got any book recommendations?