Crazy about food & drinks

  • Cut the mustard

    I must admit, I’m a big fan of mustard. I try to use this ingredient a lot of times. This time I made a mustard soup, inspired by The Daily Spud.

  • Going on the local tour

    Kind of lost the NY spirit. You get that with this kind of weather in combination with the fact I was ill the past week. But a man has got to eat, I went for a typical Dutch stew called Hachée, inspired by Wikipedia.

  • Leftover marmalade pudding

    One of the fun parts of living together with students is that you frequently get new inspiration. Yesterday for example I got offered some leftover orange marmalade. I decided to make a pudding, inspired by Foodpairing & Allerhande.

  • New York style quiche

    Last few weeks I was in New York. I have been to a lot of nice food places, one of them was a tapas restaurant called Boqueria. Inspired by their Coles de Bruselas y Chorizo dish I made a quiche, also inspired by a previous Kookjegek recipe.

  • Larb kai

    Because the tom kha kai soup of last week tasted that good I was eager to try another Thai dish. This time it was larb kai, inspired by a recipe from HubPages.

  • Cherry scones

    This weekend I got some dessert cravings. Decided to make some scones, filled with red cherries, inspired by a recipe from BBC Food.

  • Tom kha kai

    Yesterday I saw this recipe of a Thai soup. This gave me an idea to try another classic Thai dish, Tom kha kai. A soup with coconut milk, galanga & chicken, inspired by Wikipedia.

  • TGRWT #18 Bleu rice pudding

    More inspiration, more blogposts lately. One of the reasons are the foodblogevents. They are also a source for inspiration. They give me energy to try different things. This time I entered TGRWT again hosted by Adain Brooks.

  • Valencian paella

    Last night I had a planned monthly diner with some friends. The bad weather didn’t hold us back to prepare some summer style food so we decided to make a paella. A paella inspired by the Valencian one on Wikipedia.

  • HHDD #27 Cauliflower & feta revisited

    Time to enter some foodblogevents again, I always find them very inspiring. First up, Hay Hay its Donna Day #27, hosted by Priya from Akshayapaatram & facilitated by Chez Us. This time the theme was summer salads and I picked a cauliflower & feta salad recipe from Donna Hay as inspiration.

Got any book recommendations?