Category: Cinnamon

  • Testing Cinnamon rolls

    Trying some sweet recipes lately. One of the latest ones was nice take on cinnamon rolls, inspired by BBC GoodFood.

  • The world upside down

    Sometimes the simplest ideas are often best. Of course the Tarte Tatin is a great example of that, turning your apple tart upside down. I took a spin on that and made some upside down apple cakes, inspired by Wikipedia.

  • Sharing sweets

    It’s always great to share food with people you like, especially sweets. This weekend I had a good reason to share some sweets, a really nice sunny day at the park. I made some muffins with red currant for this occasion, inspired by Noms I Must

  • Still twenty something

    A couple of months ago I celebrated my birthday. Not a big party but I had another thing to do. The last few years it was a habit to bring along home made birthday cakes to work. This year wasn’t an exception. I made a Spanish almond cake, inspired by Koken & Genieten

  • Have a break

    Working outside the office has been really busy lately. But it also has it pros. You meet new people, see new places and of course I come across different food. For instance, fresh cherries. I used them for cakes inspired by Muffin tin mania.

  • Aubergine-kikkererwtencurry

    Na mijn probeersel vorige week met de hummus zonder tahin was ik nog steeds in de ban van de kikkererwten. Deze keer heb ik er een Indiase curry van gemaakt, naar recept van het boek Aziatisch koken.

  • SSC #2 Kiwisoup

    This is my last-minute entry for the Super Soup Challenge #2 hosted by Tami from Running with tweezers. I made a warm soup of kiwifruit, grapes and some cinnamon. I was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk who talked about cinnamon covered kiwifruit in his “90 point wines under 15 bones” episode (#286) on Wine Library TV.

  • Chocoladetruffel

    Voor TGRWT #5 had ik wat chocolade van Droste in huis gehaald. Achteraf wat teveel en ik moest dus een nieuwe bestemming vinden voor wat ik over had. Het werden uiteindelijk chocoladetruffels, geïnspireerd door een recept van

  • SHF #34 Kletskop

    Foodblogevents are really inspiring, so I’m entering yet another one. This time I came across Sugar High Friday #34, via Is My Blog Burning?. For this event I made a typical Dutch cookie called kletskop and served it with some ice cream as a dessert.

  • Spekkoek

    Spekkoek is erg lekker, maar het neemt ook veel tijd in beslag om te maken. Daar kwam ik gisteren achter na mijn eerste poging om spekkoek te maken. Via Fok! forum kwam ik op een recept van terecht.